Bringing OP_CAT back to Bitcoin

1) What?

Many blocks ago, in 2010, Satoshi's beloved pet and scripting function, OP_CAT, had grown too powerful.

As its meows and purrs grew louder, OP_CAT's strength threatened the very fabric of Bitcoin itself.

Satoshi was left with no choice but to say goodbye to his furry friend.

On August 15 2010, OP_CATwas put down for good... or so we thought.

Hundreds of thousands of blocks later, Bitcoin developers discovered that OP_CAT's strength could have been used safely for good.

When combined with the right spells, OP_CAT could form powerful scripts, brilliant smart contracts, and steady bridges across chains.

If only Satoshi wasn't so quick to put OP_CAT down... If only it was still with us...

In 2024, the Taproot Wizards discovered that OP_CAT is not truly dead.

Instead, like Schrödinger's cat, OP_CAT is trapped in a quantum realm where it is simultaneously dead and alive.

If OP_CAT can escape its quantum cage, it would fulfill its purpose and bring about an orange tsunami of Bitcoin innovation!

The Quantum Cats are on a mission to rescue OP_CAT from this state of purgatory and bring it back to the land of the living, so it can Make Bitcoin Magical again.

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Will OP_CAT end up dead or alive?

Follow its journey through BIP Land!